Friday, June 20, 2014

Sabbat vs Helicopter

While digging up old docs to put together my current game, I came across this text I wrote up years ago. This is an account of a scene from a local Sabbat game that actually happened many years ago, from the perspective of a metamorphosis Tzimisce newly arisen in the new age.
  We climbed the stoney flight of stairs to the top of my castle. This was where a lick had prepared for a helicopter to pick us up. OK, sure, whatever that was, quite an odd name, though it was the chosen form of transportation. We were to get into this thing, fly around, and find a Vohzd that wasn't properly created by a youngster of my clan. Well, that was the plan.

  I was in the rear, the younger Sabbat hurried up the stairs as if they were still mortal. When I came to the roof, there was this great metal.. thing. It had a rounded front, moonlight glistening off the window. The metal front became larger as it reached the middle, then tapered out into a tail with a spinning blade on the end. On Top of it was another spinning blade turning at a slow speed. It looked like a dragonfly.

  One of the Sabbat (Tremere Antitribu I believe) was making a beeline for the front, where a man sat inside - who looked VERY frightened. Suddenly, the Cainite punched a hole through the glass, reaching for the man. Pulling back on some stick, the man attempted to get away from the attack by commanding this.. contraption to take off. It didn't get very far. A 2nd cainite, pointing a small object at the man, made his head explode - his body slumping forward on the stick. As the metal beast moved around, trying to take off, a second cainite had come up (one of my clan) in his Zulu form and began tearing sheets of metal away from the side of this thing. Why, I'm not sure, but it just made the thing move around more. Meanwhile, I stood and watched from the roof entrance.

  Obviously defeated, the beast began to tip over. The blades on top of it were still spinning as the Sabbat ran away from the thing. The Tzimisce in Zulu form had his leg chopped off, he fell right over, wreckage over him. The lick who arranged this thing to be here tried dragging him away, but was cut clean in two - right at the waist. As the blades hit the roof of my castle, they shattered and debris flew all over. Many of the assembled Sabbat were sliced up quite badly. The Tremere Antitribu now punched a hole through my roof. Right through the stone! The hole allowed other Sabbat to flee to shelter, but few escaped without injury.

  By the time this was over, I had a hole in the ceiling of my castle, a Tzimisce was out a leg, a lick was sliced in half, almost every Sabbat member in the entire city was brutally injured from flying shards of metal, nobody got around to checking for the Vozhd and my impression of the Sabbat in general was getting very low.

Out of Character
 Yes, this is as bad as it sounds. The whole point was to scout out the location of a Vozhd that had been prepared wrong, then was possessed by a fomori.

 The guy playing the Cainite cut in half rented a helicopter and pilot to pick us up from my character's castle.

 The Tremere (with Advanced Potence) was on the Path of Caine and hence didn't want to associate with mortals. He figured one of us Cainites should be able to pilot the helicopter and that we didn't need a 'weak' mortal.

 The guy who shot the pilot in the head and the player of the Tzimisce in Zulu didn't know why the Tremere was attacking the pilot, it was just the typical "Ooh, look, violence, lets join in." This is what did the main damage.

 All the damage to the helicopter made it tip over. The blade on top either chopped up Sabbat left, right & center, or sliced them up when it shattered on the stone roof.

 The Tremere punched a hole in the roof to allow those on the roof not near cover, to get away.

 But in the end, in the battle of Helicopter vs Sabbat, I believe the Helicopter won. Though it ended up a mangled wreckage... it defeated the Sabbat hands down.

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