Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Blood Alcohol and other Vampiric Treats

It's always assumed that if a vampire feeds of a drunk person, they'll get a buzz. Well, apparently someone has now done the math and debunked that.

Conclusion: If a vampire drained someone who drank so much they had a 50% chance of dying from alcohol poisoning anyways... the equivalent amount of alcohol the vampire gets would be equal to 1 pint or 2 cans of beer.

BUT, vampires get all ragey when they feed off Werewolves, though that can be passed off as a supernatural effect. There are situations in the rules, Flaws I believe, that reference vampires getting diseases from plagued humans. I think this sets a precedent for other situations like alcohol and drugs affecting a vampire who feeds off a drunk or a junkie.

Skilled Blood Preparation

Some of the following ideas are a great way to add some "wow" factor in to your games. Just remember, the curse of vampirism shouldn't be too easy to circumvent. Skills like these should be rare, expensive, not provide much of a benefit and not be readily available to players. Anyone who's managed to find loop holes in living as a vampire should be expected to have put in a significant amount of time (or magic) to do so. Don't tell players "no" if they want their character to achieve these goals, for it can be a great thing to work towards - but it should be harder than dumping a bunch of blood into a slushie machine.

Imbuing Blood with Flavour

Now, not sure if it's written in stone anywhere, but we sometimes had vampiric or ghoul chefs in our games. This was the art of affecting the flavour of blood by knowing how to select types of humans, (virgin, age, region, etc) then feed them combinations of food and spices or bleed them during different emotional states.

Imbuing Food with Blood

In my current game, I've created an NPC who has found a way to add human blood to berries. It's not enough to provide a trait of blood for sustenance, but it is enough to let a vampire eat something flavourful. He's a Nosferatu, the idea coming from the spawning pools his clan might use to create their sewer beasts.

Preparing Blood in Special Ways

I've been watching True Blood recently and was interested in how some of the fancier vampires would have multiple course meals - all blood, but prepared in different methods. A hot blood soup to start that's eaten with a spoon, "sparkling" blood to drink and finished with a frozen blood slush.

Mixing the above ideas together can lead to a rather accomplished vampiric chef... or an interesting character that supplies the said resources. Just keep in mind there's an inherent distrust between vampires when accepting blood from one another, especially if the one making the offer is a Tremere.

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