Friday, May 23, 2014

Always play with their minds (Maps)

As a storyteller, you should always do what you can to get inside your players heads.

Right now I'm working on building a map of Windsor, the setting of the game I may or may not be putting together right now. I felt it important to show that the Sabbat have control over Detroit. But to me, it was important to have a nice large Sabbat symbol near the border.

It may not look impressive in the photo on the left, but I'm not going for impressive. I'm going for menacing. When you look at the map below, it covers a good portion of the city they'll be playing in. When they reference Windsor, that's what they'll see. Almost unavoidably, the imposing bottom of the Sabbat symbol looms above - no matter where they scroll.

An object as simple as a map is a great way to remind players of the perils that are around their characters. Think about old world maps that show beasts in the oceans. Even then, they knew there wasn't literally a monster right there - but they were warning sailors that travelling the ocean is fraught with danger. Sometimes, players need that visual cue that they are not safe.

Side note - is it just me or does that green island between Detroit and Windsor look like a veiny dick?

Annnnd for geek reference... "Always play with their minds..."

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